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Protecting Your Assets, Wherever They May Be

At Claremont Wealth, we understand that you live a global life. And with that global life, you need a partner who can help you navigate the complexities of your financial decisions.
We are here to help you;

Global by Nature
local by Advice

We specialise in Money Transfer, Savings & Investments. We have tailored strategies for people in all stages of their life, all over the world.
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About Claremont Wealth

We exist to help the global business person successfully manage their financial life. We do this by providing professionally structured programs and advice that span all stages of your life.

You may be starting out and looking to implement a life financial strategy, planning for your children’s education, setting up complex global investment structures or planning to maximise your retirement – we can help you. Money Transfer, Savings & Investments.

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Some of Our Services

Investment Platforms

Get access to global platforms that provide you the flexibility to manage your investments anywhere.

International Mortgages

We specialise in catering for the expatriate market to provide you with global mortgage solutions.

Wealth Management

Our risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures a diverse and stable financial plan.

Foreign Exchange

Our partnerships with internationally recognised traders allows you to easily transfer money globally.

Latest News

Financial planning for expats

Put Your Money to Work

One of the largest attractions for heading overseas to work as an expat is for the lucrative opportunity such an assignment will bring, which means understanding how to invest while living abroad will help you to enjoy the best returns.
Financial Plan

Have a Detailed Financial Plan

Expats can be particularly vulnerable to poor financial advice because the rules relating to the industry differ from nation to nation, and the products and solutions they can potentially benefit from differ from those they are perhaps used to in the UK.

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