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Estate & Succession Planning

One key area that the Claremont Group of companies have over 30 years of broad experience, is dealing with family estate & succession. We have complete understanding of the importance in protecting the family estate and having an effective succession plan in place to transfer these assets onto future generations.

At Claremont, we know how complex, confusing and emotional the issues involved can be with estate & succession planning.
Our approach is to utilise our process to find out exactly what your wishes are for your family estate for generations to come. We use all the resources available to guide you through the maze of decisions and structuring opportunities that can be utilised to ensure the protection of your wealth.

Asset protection seminars are hosted by Claremont Group Communications, in the UK, and Claremont Wealth all over the world. To find out more, or attend a seminar, please Contact us for further information.

  • Are there any allowances in the UK for death tax?
    There is a £325,000 nil rate band at present and is inter-spousal i.e. if the property is jointly held with the spouse then the rate is £650,000 (2 x £325, 000). There is also the uprated primary residence nil rate band of £500,000 per person or £1,000,000 as a couple.
  • Can I gift my property to someone else?
    Yes. Gifting the property using the 7-year rule is achievable but there must be no benefit in any capacity to avoid any connection that will allow the HMRC to levy a death tax.