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International Mortgages

International Mortgages are generally a substantial part of an individual or families’ assets, and usually holds a significant quantity of wealth. Every sound financial plan should have an element of property investment, whether this is ‘bricks & mortar’ or through the extremely profitable market place of residential property investments.

Buying property, when residing in a foreign country, does not come without its hurdles. Many expatriates find it hard to secure international mortgages finance at competitive rates while outside of their ‘home’ country.

Claremont work with a series of International lenders, that specialise in catering for the expatriate market to provide you with mortgage solutions for property purchases all over the world.

  • How do I pay my international mortgage?
    An initial deposit is required, normally a minimum of around 20-25% of the value of the property. The mortgage would then be paid off month by month, exactly the same as a regular mortgage back home.
  • Is an international mortgage just for property purchases in my home country?
    An international mortgage can be used for a variety of reasons in multiple jurisdictions. If you are looking to purchase a holiday home, a buy to let as an investment or even a house for retirement, then you can look to use an international mortgage to facilitate this.
  • My home bank tells me that they can’t assist with a mortgage as I am no longer resident there, what are my options?
    This is often the case as banks don’t recognise non-residents. The international mortgage market is in place to cater for expats who come across this issue. Speak to one of our advisers to find out how they can assist with your mortgage requirements.