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UK Investment Properties

One of the most important parts of a well-rounded long-term financial plan is bricks and mortar property.

At Claremont one of our core investment philosophies is “diversification”.

What diversification achieves of reducing the overall risk of a portfolio. Whether this is hedging certain investments with those that are uncorrelated, looking to invest in a wide range of asset classes, or to invest with a number of institutions in varied jurisdictions. All of these methods will reduce the level of risk you as the investor are exposed to.

One asset class that we like to ensure all of our clients have exposure to, is physical property. A number of our clients like to invest in property funds to have access to the property market but not take on the actual asset and the debt involved in a mortgage. This works well to access the up side of property investment.  (Please contact us to find out more)


We are very happy to work in partnership with a variety of prolific developers in the UK with prime location investment opportunities. The popularity of this Claremont service has seen the substantial growth of our property offering in 2018.

One major benefit for our clients is the provision of all ancillary services for purchasing a property. We have strong relationships with numerous international mortgages lenders and through C-FOREX we have the platform to ensure you save money on any international transfers. We also work with a number of the world’s largest insurance companies to help owners of UK property protect against all eventualities.

(Are you a UK non-resident but are the beneficial owner of trust or company structure that owns UK residential property? If so you are now exposed to a 40% death tax on your property, please view our page on “VUL”)

As our property offering changes daily please contacts us for more information.