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Wealth Management

“It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” - Robert Kiyosaki

We recognise that individuals and families have complex financial planning requirements, which is why our Independent Financial Planners devise tax-efficient structures and work in partnership with your discretionary fund managers (or DFM’s) to meet your personal objectives.

Our risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures a diverse and stable financial plan. The result is an efficient blend of financial planning and investment management under one roof.

Claremont advisors will articulate clear and tailored recommendations along with completely transparent charging structures and fee schedules – Claremont’s solutions and structures are designed to realise your objectives now and in the future.
Wealth management is our all- encompassing service offered to private clients and companies.

  • If I chose to work with Claremont Wealth, how are your fees determined?
    We will meet with you to understand your current financial situation, goals and objectives. Following a review of your financial situation, we will jointly determine the scope of services required and the assets for which we will assume management responsibility. The fee schedule and services retainer will be determined accordingly.
  • I don’t classify myself as ‘wealthy’, can I still access your services?
    Yes! At Claremont we not only look to protect and grow people’s wealth, we aim to start building wealth for individuals and their families. Building wealth can simply start with saving on a month by month basis or by growing your existing assets in a more tax efficient nature. Speak with one of our advisors.
  • What is wealth management and what does it encompass?
    Wealth management is a high level professional service that combines financial advice, retirement planning and estate planning for individuals and families. To find out what services are encompassed in wealth management please refer to ‘view all services’.